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city in the world, let alone this country is. but still, when the united nations general assembly convenes in new york city, even in a city like new york, you feel it. and you feel it not just because of all the traffic that it causes but because there is a sudden international influx of world leaders and their entourages and their issues. even the protests change. new york city always has protests. but it's only when the u.n. is in session that we have something like this, an anti-iran, russia, china, syria protest being led by activists from egypt, iran, palestine, syria, tunisia, and yemen. in terms of protests inside the u.n., though, this year was a particularly good year for what's come to be known as the annual walk out on mahmoud day. this happens every year. the president of iran, mahmoud ahmadinejad, stands up to give a speech. shirt, jacket, no tie. he's very short. he gets up to give his speech. he starts denying the holocaust. he starts demonizing america. now he's also a 9/11 truther, for the record. and every year like clockwork when he does that speech in that suit
, of course, the united states will veto the security council and the general assembly would probably vote 140-150 nations in favor of palestinian statehood. which means that palestine, if people want to look it up, will have basically the same rights as the vatican now. not a full member, but the right to participate in an international fora and international organizations and so forth. >> do you think the united states should support that? >> i do. i think it would be good for israel and the united states to support, to support that. as we supported israel in 1948 when they took the same move. and then have a good faith negotiation based on what the united states policy has always been, that is a 1967 borders with the premise that israel withdraw from the occupied territo territories. that's something netanyahu is not willing to make. his predecessors said this is what we need to do. >> president carter, thank you so much for this time. i really appreciate it. >> great to be with you. thank you for having me. >> thank you. >> thank you very coming. >> we had a ton of feedback on the show aft
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)